We Are Changing Our Brand!

Over the years our brand has slowly becoming more and more of a person brand and we are finally making that shift!

Within the next few weeks we will be moving over to www.BrandonLucero.com

Nothing in our service or offerings will be changing! We are just re-branding the company!

And You can find more information here if you're looking for our BBD Bonuses Package For James Wedmore's Business By Design.

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increase on daily views

“Part of me doesn’t want to tell anyone (about SoldWithVideo) because I want to have the best YouTube channel. But part of me wants to tell everyone because everyone deserves to work with Brandon. Everybody deserves to have this quality of video and everybody deserve to have this quality of traffic your website.”

“My YouTube channel now gets 30k views a month and close to 70k around the Chinese new year! But more importantly, it has already been netting me corporate clients for my Feng Shui business! Thank you Brandon Lucero!”






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I’m not going to hide the truth. YouTube marketing and the process to ranking videos is starting to change. Back when I first got started with YouTube we could upload any video and get it to rank on page 1 quicker than its taking me to write this email. That has obviously changed. It’s still easy, however, those shortcut technique don’t work anymore. […]

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I’m in the business of selling ice cubes to people who live in Antarctica. Will video marketing work for my business? This is one of the most popular questions I get asked and as long as your business offers something people ACTUALLY want or need then YES it will work for you! Oh and if you own a business that sells ice cubes to people who live in Antarctica it may be time to look for a new product to sell. Sorry to break it to you but you might be in a terrible business. I was a little surprised […]

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